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The Boutique is a flagship for the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria. Since the early years of the last century, on the initiative of some of its distinguished guests in love with the scents and flavours of the area. At the end of their long stays at the Excelsior Vittoria, these travellers from all over the world turned to the hotel staff to arrange large supplies of delicacies that they could enjoy and offer in their international residences. The Fiorentino family thus decided to make available to customers a selection of the most popular and requested typical products: not just delicious food, but also soaps and lotions for body care as well as some items from the fine set of fabrics, with which the Hotel has always welcomed its guests. In the following decades, the habit of taking back with you a piece of your stay at the Excelsior Vittoria became a luxury service: pleasures to share at home with your friends and family or to give as gifts in refined boxes, allowing everyone to recall the magical atmosphere of the Gulf of Sorrento. All the products in the Boutique contain the history of this extraordinary place where the excellence generously bestowed by Nature has been identified and protected over time. All our exclusive products are also available on the Online Shop.